What makes Xtreme Clean Auto Spa different?

Xtreme Clean Auto Spa is the next generation of quality car care. Instead of a 30–45 minute waiting at a full service car wash, Xtreme Clean Auto Spa express guests get in and out in as little as 5 minutes. We use the latest in car wash technology to provide high-quality car washes to keep your vehicle looking like new, and every wash includes a final rinse with purified water so your vehicle will never have water spots.  From our new professional Express Wash to TouchFree Automatic to self-service bays, we've got you covered. We know what we're doing, and we're dedicated to keeping your car cleaned and looking good.

Is it really better to wash my car at Xtreme Clean Auto Spa?

Xtreme Clean Auto Spa offers many important advantages over washing your car at home. Our car wash applies special ingredients that clean dirt, residues, and offer added protection. Xtreme Clean Auto Spa saves time and money, and it is environmentally safe. Most importantly your satisfaction is our highest priority!

What is Xtreme Clean Auto Spa's spot free rinse? 

Xtreme Clean Auto Spa incorporates state of the art water purification systems in every wash and you can also use it in our self-service bays. The purification system removes 99% of the minerals and impurities that would leave water spots on your vehicle.  With our spot free rinse, your vehichle will dry spot free even when water remains on your vehicle.

Are the vacuums free?

Yes! Our powerful vacuums at Xreme Clean Auto Spa are always free with the purchase of any Express Wash or our TouchFree Automatic Wash. When you are at one of our paystations, all you have to do is select free vacuum token at no additonal cost to you .You can also use our powerful vacuums when you use our self-service bays for $1.

Is Xtreme Clean Auto Spa safe for the environment?

Yes, washing your car in a professional car wash is the best way to conserve water and protect the environment. This results in significant water savings over traditional at-home car washes or hand washing.

Xtreme Clean Auto Spa uses chemicals that are environmentally friendly and mostly bio-degradable.  Because we control the flow rate and the water pressure, we use far less water per car than washing at home.

When you wash your vehicle at home, the wash water along with all of the soaps, cleaners, road grime, oil and other contaminants, soaks into the ground and runs into the storm drain system. Just one wash at home can be damaging to the enviroment.

How often should I wash my car?

That depends. Plenty of factors determine the frequency of your car washes. Road conditions, driving wear and tear, weather play a role. Where do you drive, mainly in town or on country roads? In general, we recommend washing at least twice a month to keep your car looking like new and to retain its value for resale. But why worry how often or when it's going to rain if you join one of our monthly clubs.

Will an application of surface protectant actually make a difference?

Research and development has led to the creation of protectants and shining products that are far better for your paint then traditional wax applications. Products like Rain X,  Rian X for wheels, Clear Coat Sealant and Triple Foam, protects your vehicle against all types of weather conditions. We recommend regular application of one or more of these products to help maintain your vehicle.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as cash transactions. Our attendant will assist you with your wash selections and payment options. If you’ve purchased one of our plans, your RFID tag will be read by our equipment, and you can just go right through our carwash. We now also offer credit card readers in our self-service bays.

What about oversized and commercial vehicles or special circumstances?

    •    Trucks with dual rear tires can only use our Touchfree wash or self-service
    •    Open bed pickup trucks with loose items, and debris
    •    Vehicles that sit too low to the ground, can only wash in Touchfree or self-service
    •    Lifted vehicles that are too high, 7'2" maximum clearance, can wash only in self-service
    •    Trucks with greasy fifth wheels can only use our Touchfree wash or self-service bays
    •    Certain tires may be too wide to fit on our conveyor but can use Touchfree or self-service
    •    Recreational vehicles, campers, boats or trailers can use our self-service bays only

We are are rated the best carwash in town!!